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"Xemati" is a very personal piece centered around my Greek heritage, specifically the mati or “evil eye”. The mati dates back to Ancient Greece. It is a curse cast intentionally - or often unintentionally - through negative emotions. It has been adopted by many other cultures and religions and is still a common superstition today.

I have fond memories of feeling headachy/sick and going to my yiayia (grandmother in Greek) for help. She would first determine if I had the evil eye, which included a certain hand gesture and a prayer muttered under her breath in Greek that I could never quite hear. That’s what I wanted to capture in this painting: a woman mid-ritual, dressed in traditional black, her right hand in the proper three-finger position and the other holding a glass evil eye charm (mataki). I always saw my yiayia as a healer, and more than that just the most lovely person I have ever known, which is why I included a gold ring of light - a halo of sorts.

To read the full story behind Xemati, visit the Stories page.


- Fine art print on archival quality matte paper

- 5"x7" // actual art area 4"x6" with 1/2 inch border

- Hand signed on front bottom border


Printed and packaged with eco-conscious materials*

*Please refer to the FAQ page for more info on shipping

"Xemati" Small Print

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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