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The Mantis Oracle is sought out by animals, fae, and even witches if they know where to look. He was born possessing the power of clairvoyant Sight, with a visible third eye as a physical representation. His little temple is adorned with bay leaves, which he burns to strengthen his connection to the Divine. He is highly revered, as he shares his wisdom freely but humbly; he understands that each path is there for a reason, but they are always changing and can be changed - chosen destiny over stone-set fate.

To read the full story behind The Mantis Oracle, visit the Stories page.


- Fine art print on archival quality matte paper

- 10"x10" // actual art area 8" circle with 1 inch border

- Hand signed on front bottom border


Printed and packaged with eco-conscious materials*

*Please refer to the FAQ page for more info on shipping

"The Mantis Oracle" Large Print

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.40Sale Price
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