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Mother Marrow is a bone witch, but don’t assume the worst just because of the hollow skulls on the walls of her old, candlelit cottage - she’s gentler than she seems. Mother Marrow would never harm a creature; she only collects bones that she finds in the woods around her home. Often, she gives those animals a second life by using the bones to invite their spirits to be her familiars. If you’re brave enough to venture to her cottage, she offers a service of osteomancy: divination through bones. She tosses her little collection into the air, then reads how they fell in a serious tone - even if what she sees is good. So go and visit Mother Marrow - she says this time, the bones fall for you…

Mother Marrow is a fellow witch and kindred spirit; she was inspired by my love and wonder of animal bones that I sometimes find and collect on my Nature walks.

To read the full story behind Mother Marrow, visit the Stories page.


- Fine art print on archival quality matte paper

- 5"x7" // actual art area 4"x6" with 1/2 inch border

- Hand signed on front bottom border


Printed and packaged with eco-conscious materials*

*Please refer to the FAQ page for more info on shipping

"Mother Marrow" Small Print

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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