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She’s a fae whose self-imposed mission is to find those who are lost in the woods before other unsavory creatures get to them… more often than not, those who didn’t physically make it out at all but whose souls can still be guided to safety. Though fae have been known to be tricksters, she can unmistakably be trusted due to the otherworldly warmth that radiates off of her amidst the ever-present woodland chill and her soft yet genuinely reassuring smile that even the most cunning of dark beings could not fabricate. Just follow the glow of her lantern and listen for the tinkling of the bells around her waist - they’re some of the sweetest sounding things in these woods.

To read the full story behind Guiding Those Lost, visit the Stories page.


- Fine art print on archival quality matte paper

- 8"x10" // actual art area 7"x9" with 1/2 inch border

- Hand signed on front bottom border


Printed and packaged with eco-conscious materials*

*Please refer to the FAQ page for more info on shipping

"Guiding Those Lost" Large Print

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.40Sale Price
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