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"Autumn's Arrival" is one half of a duo of illustrations that show faeries who aren't the beings we're used to seeing depicted, tiny people flying around on gossamer wings (though their mischief and magic is something all fae have in common). Rather, they are wingless, born down in the soil and possessing qualities - both in appearance and enchantment - of certain plants, as well as the pointy ears signature to fae. A sure sign that Autumn has arrived, baby mushroom faeries such as this one spring up out of the dirt and fallen foliage, nurtured by the dwindling heat of Summer and morning dew. Their skin is the color of a mushroom stem and their cap isn't a hat at all, but part of their head and will grow with them as they get older. Humble and "down-to-earth", they don't need much more than the comfort of fallen branches and the aroma of damp leaves. Though most mushrooms - and mushroom fae - tend to be involved in the task of decomposition, these distinct toadstool-capped faeries mostly deal in the same kind of magic their fungi counterparts hold, revered and utilized by witches for their advanced workings and faeries in their rings and realms. 

To read the full story behind Autumn's Arrival, visit the Stories page.


- Fine art print on archival quality matte paper

- 5"x7" // actual art area 4"x6" with 1/2 inch border

- Hand signed on front bottom border


Printed and packaged with eco-conscious materials*

*Please refer to the FAQ page for more info on shipping

"Autumn's Arrival" Print

$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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